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Keeping you connected to your community is what your landline home phone is all about.

•  You can forward calls from your cell to your home phone – and vice-versa.

•  Your home phone stays on when the cell service goes down – and it gives 911 and other emergency services the ability to find you faster and more accurately.

•  Home burglar alarm systems, emergency medical alert systems, and other features for home safety and security typically require a home telephone line.

•  A cell phone is one of the most commonly stolen, damaged, or lost items.  It can contain information that you never meant to be shared with anyone – and even the best insurance may not replace the phone alone in fewer than 48 weekday hours. Keep connected by keeping your home telephone up and running as a keystone to your communication needs.

Over 20 special features are available for your home phone – whether it is

Caller ID,

Voice Mail,

Call Trace,

3-Way Calling

– you name it!

Find the features you need for your home service by going to our Call Management Features list today!

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