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More on Our Alarm Systems

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State-of-the-Art Equipment

Sure-Touch Keys
Large, comfortably shaped keys that emit a quiet beep when depressed make the system easy to control. The keys glow softly to make night-time entries easier.

Memory Light
A memory light indicates that an alarm occurred while your system was armed. Pressing two keys will immeiately tell you in which zone the alarm occurred.

Emergency Keys
Large keys for fire, police or emergency make getting emergency assistance quick and easy.

Zone Bypass Feature
This allows you to shut off some of the areas of your home to allow free movement while keeping the rest armed.

Trouble Monitor
The system continuously monitors itself and indicates system problems by lighting up this trouble light.

Key System Advantages:
The keypad is easy enough to use that your whole family can feel in control of home security.

We have convenient wireless keys that allow you to control your security system, appliances and even your lights with one-button access.

You can control your security system while away from home.

Our sensors can be mounted easily without invasive wiring or structural alterations.

February 08, 2016

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