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Harold Carman

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Our Celebration Story Shares a Two-Way Mission

Harold Carman once listened to the big dreams of NCTC’s founder Will Hall Sullivan. He reflects back on the enterprising ideas Sullivan had and the distinguished hat he wore. Carman also has aspiring goals that make technology a huge part of what he believes his personal mission in life is all about.

“The party lines in those early days of the 50s were entertainment too. From the beginning, NCTC led the way so the area would today have great communications. NCTC has made it possible, ” says Carman.

A licensed realtor and auctioneer for his family-owned, 101-year-old business, Gene Carman Real Estate and Auctions, Carman is also one of three pastors at Amazing Grace Community Church. “Before, I had to go to a library to prepare sermons. Today my resources are all online! Once I would have said goodbye to missionaries and not have been able to see them for a long time.Today I stay in touch every day with missionaries all over the world: South Africa, Ireland, Jordan, Australia, Japan and others. I see them on camera while we are talking, all chatting from the NCTC high speed Internet connection.”

“I believe there is much ahead in the future for communications and that we are only seeing a small part now. NCTC is part of this amazing connection.They are a helping hand to this community. I hate talking to machines! With NCTC,we know who’s coming to our door to help when needed,and they are genuinely helpful,” says Carman.

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